surface area if you use 27 cubes. What about 125 cubes? 6. Reflect Summarize your findings. Describe any relationship you notice between the length, width, and height of a square-based prism with minimum surface area for a given volume. minimum 9.3 Length Width Height Volume Surface Area 1 1 16 16 Minimize the Surface Area of a Square-Based Prism
Calculate the heat flux that is required to maintain the bonded surface at T 0 =60 0C. (Ans: 2833W/m2) 2. Consider a person standing in a room at 20°C with an exposed surface area of 1.7 m2. The deep body temperature of the human body is 37°C, and the thermal conductivity of the human tissue near the skin is about 0.3 W/m · °C.
To arrive at the rate of transpiration, therefore, you must calculate the leaf surface area of each plant: Because most stomata are found in the lower epidermis, you will determine that surface area. Lay the leaves to be measured on a 1-cm grid and trace their outlines. Count the number of square centimeters. Estimate the area of the partial ...
To calculate the size of an area on this map you must first choose a starting point by clicking your mouse on your initial map pinpoint. Once you have the first pinpoint set, you can click on the map again to set another and so on. When two pinpoints are set the distance between those points will be shown.