Aug 08, 2014 · Tap "Storage" > "Mount SD Card" Checking the Amount of Storage: Tap "Apps" from the home screen; Tap "Settings" Swipe to "Device" Tap "Storage" and scroll down to view the "Available" value under "SD Card" Formatting the SD Card: WARNING! Formatting the SD Card will remove all personal data stored on the external memory.
best thing is to use pro line compactflash. If thats not possible, then go for pro line SD cards, like sandisk extreme. you said it yourself "One of my cheap SD cards ". you get what you pay for. cheap usb drives and sd cards cant be expected to last you more than 1-2 times. – Michael Nielsen Jun 27 '13 at 22:25
Just bought a nice 9" Android with 8GB storage. Put in a 32 GB SD card. It shows up under storage. When I select Apps then pick an app, there is no option to move it to the SD card like I had under Kit Kat on another unit. It does show the Clear Cache and Clear Data options. I just erased the SD card and it still just shows up as empty, under ...
In the screenshot bottom left: the ‘move’ tab in ‘Clean Master’ lists all apps that can be moved to SD card; check all of the ones you want to move in batch (although for non rooted devices you will have to press the ‘Move App to SD card’ serially for one app after another).