The particular types of repairs that might require a board replace is where you have no success in getting the brewer to choose the correct cup size, the LCD screen fails or damaged or the top assembly suffers water damage and the board gets wet. Features: Replaces the micro processor, LCD and cup size selection micro switches
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However, if you accidentally spilled your whole cup of coffee or water on your Laptop that would be another story, and it may be fatal to your device. We have outlined below the steps on how to prevent, or at least minimize, the damage you will have due to a spilled liquid on your Laptop.
Jul 21, 2018 · If you have the screen protector, you can leave it because they are water-resistant, and thus, the protector will prevent screen damage. The next step is to dry the exterior and the interior of your device. You can use a clean cloth, a towel, cotton t-shirt, whatever you have with you at the moment. Wipe the device, its screen, sides, and back.