TRANSFER FUNCTION OF ARMATURE CONTROLLED DC MOTOR Objective: To determine the transfer function of an armature controlled dc shunt motor. Reference: NAGARATH & GOPAL -- Control System B.L.TERAJA - Electrical Technology Apparatus Required: 0-20A MC 0-5 A MC 0-2 A...
Electric motor-driven pumps can be used as primary, supplemental, or emergency backup hydraulic power in a variety of aerospace applications. Both DC and AC motors with full control are available and can be adapted to the application's individual need.
Description: Program given here computes the discrete transfer function of a DC motor (Example taken in this case) using pseudo inverse technique. The input and output data for any single input single output system can be used to find out the discrete transfer function of that system. License: Freeware
Example: 220 V AC supply fed dc motor by a full wave controlled bridge rectifier. The DC motor has armature resistance 2 Ω and the back emf equals 80 V when the speed is 1000 rpm and the armature current 10 A . find the firing angle at this case and in case when the speed is 500 rpm at the same armature current